About Health & Fitness

About Health & Fitness

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) is a time to celebrate the rich Hispanic culture, heritage and contribution. It is also a time to reflect on the FTC’s commitment to help Hispanic communities fight fraud. Read more0 Comments Topic of the blog: Money and credit, Houses and mortgages, Health and fitness, Jobs and earning money, Privacy, identity and ... Read More »

Split ends: solutions for the eternal problem of long hair

Split ends

Long hair imposes a particular style, provides an air of freshness or more natural and, for some women, is a unique registered trademark. It also requires specific and very specific care. One of them is a special treatment for split ends. NEWSLETTERS CLAR├ŹN Between women | The weekly horoscope, fashion, well-being, couple, gender and everything that interests you Between women ... Read More »

Smoky Eyes Makeup Perfect and in Minutes with Step by Step

Smoky Eyes Makeup

Follow these simple step-by-step steps to achieve incredible smoky eye makeup in just a few minutes. Techniques for painting smoky eyes for day and night! All women know that smoky eye makeup is very sexy. But not everyone does well. Check out these step by step smokey eyes and look like a goddess. All women know that smoky eye makeup ... Read More »