Different ways to love or love a person

Different ways to love

They say that people are angels with only one wing and we need to find our soulmate to be able to be complete and fly, this is the true love that very few get to know. Loving does not mean being tied to a person for “ forever ” is rather “deciding” to be tied to a person forever because ... Read More »

7 signs that indicate that you are comfortable with yourself

you are comfortable with yourself

Feeling comfortable with yourself is the basis for building a life full of health and well-being. These types of people project, above all, security, optimism, trust and credibility. Is it one of them or do you want to learn how to get it? Then we recommend you read this article   The “should”, a type of thinking that boycotts our ... Read More »

10 signs that indicate that you are no longer in love

you are no longer in love

Heartbreak hurts, it hurts in the soul and in the heart. All our illusions are broken like a vase that falls to the ground with force and breaks into a thousand pieces … or like that same vase that has been dropped so many times and could always be saved but can no longer be fixed. It is what happens ... Read More »

If you love someone, you just want to see him happy

you love someone

Who can say that he loves someone and wish him some evil? No one Is there a way to love another person and not want with all your strength to see her always happy and cheerful? I would say not. Sometimes life can be very hard. There are countless facts that can cause vital debacles from which it is not ... Read More »